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Mad Cap Angling

Dr. X
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The central character of the storyline was Nikki, a street kid left to fend for himself who ends up bitter and strung out on heroin. Enter the sinister Dr X who moulds the anger of his young protege to his own revolutionary ends, getting him to assassinate the city's political and religious leaders. Sister Mary, a former hooker-turned-nun, then joins the plot. She's been hired by Dr X to be Nikki's conscience, thereby enabling his killing spree to continue. Inevitably, Nikki and Mary become lovers. But when Dr X realises Mary's usefulness is over he orders Nikki to kill her. We are given a few final clues: Nikki refuses to kill Mary; he finds her hanged by her own rosary. By that time Nikki has already been committed to State Hospital and is being detained under extreme security; meanwhile he struggles to piece together his muddled memories: did he really kill Sister Mary, or did Dr X indoctrinate somebody else to do it?