Argh, Movie Choices

So I appreciate that Mpls is starting to be a place to find weird movies to watch. however, it gets annoying after a while.

Should we go see: Ip Man 2 at St Anthony, Die Hard at the Death Mall, Touch of Evil at the Trylon? These are all showing tonight, as well as adventures in babysitting and tommy boy, neither of which i have much interest in.

I kind of think I should do Die Hard because I posted like three days ago that i would want to see it in the theatre, although that was in response to having just watched it on DVD. malcubed was meh on Ip Man. I might need to go Trylon.

He just did it

Love just beat Moses Malone's record of consecutive triple doubles. It's like five minutes into the second quarter. He is dominating on the boards, he already has 11. He was lagging on scoring but in this quarter has just been pounding inside and getting a lot of free throws. He is owning that state that should not be named. :)

Frickedy Frickin Frick

The notification I got of a change of my flight times didn't say it changed from 8 to 7:05. It said it changed from 8 to 7:50. This doesn't seem like much of a big deal except that the 45 minutes of sleep between 4:30 and 5:15 is the sweet spot of sleep that I so often enjoy. I would have liked it. Additionally, now I have to burn a bunch of time at the airport, and don't have an excuse to call into that meeting anymore. :(

Also, did you see the news story about the guy who drove like thirty miles with his wife on the hood of his car? Damn.